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Dolly Day's
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Tuesday, 13 October 2009


How many folk do you know that take pictures of the dreaded weed. ???

I must confess "The Better Half" thought I was nut's (nothing new there then )

Though I did have my reasons ...
We have a flower bed in the back garden that again has been bunged up with the Buttercup weed and any gardener knows its a nightmare to eradicate, So I have started digging the whole bed out. Transplanting what I can and slinging the rest in the compost bin so I can "dig deep" and and remove these little blighters as they are entangling and ensnaring everything.
Its a tiresome task, but once done I'm sure what is remaining will truly flourish.
So here was I ; wellies on, fork in hand, digging heartily away when it hit me....
One of those God inspired moments when that wee voice says's "I'm clearing the weeds in your life "........." when you let me" .. ouch
At that same moment extricating a weed from a flower, its roots all tangled and intertwined among the young flower's .. Double ouch. I had the visual impact.
If your scratching your head and wondering what I'm talking about; well think about it.
Sometimes we get so bogged down with the "weeds" in our lives that we feel like we are being suffocated or strangled .
What are weeds in our lives ??
Be anything Work, The Boss, A petty niggle, an argument that's not sorted , kids, finances, etc etc... or maybe past hurts,
Sometimes that wee thing, that's left to grow and grow becomes so big and long (roots) that you forget whats really important.
I know the "weeding" is not fun but must admit I feel so much better for it after wards, there is a great sense of release and freedom.
So what's the weeding that's needing to be done in your life ????

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