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Dolly Day's
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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Stummbled across this

Came across this today and it is really powerful.

Getting Beyond the Fear
-We need to explore the reason for our 'anticipation of pain' about the future.
-Learn to understand our fears and learn how to heal what frightens us.
-Fear arises when we believe we won't be strong enough to handle the pain we may be given.
-A child from a troubled family was given too much hurt in their youth, left feeling small and fragile.
-It is a powerful lesson for a young one to learn how deep pain can tear at ones heart and body.
-Ever wonder as a child, "I don't know if I can take anymore pain?" That questions stays into adulthood.

-Trauma of childhood was real, BUT remember resilience of your spirit is very strong.

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