Dolly Day's

Dolly Day's
Claiming my inner me. Now to find a gooli wog

Friday, 22 January 2010

Dear God... release me from this prison

Dear God,

I know you created me,
love me and forgive me,
though at times I scratch my head as to why ??

My inner and outer are waring again.
one believes you love her, the other feels you don't
another day of this endless war...

I heard today that Jesus loves little children..
why was I left to take that beating again ..??
did i do something bad ??
did i do something wrong ??
i cried and cried out for you but you never came ...
i sung the song Jesus Loves me this I know yet do I know ??
sometimes yes , sometimes no ...
Today is a no day cause i cant get the screaming to go..

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