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Dolly Day's
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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

and yet

And yet I feel a void.
My kids have me and they come with all the worries and woes.
Know they will get the love and support they need. I'm far from perfect and if you have read all my blog you will see that.
How they put up with me is unreal. But they are precious each and everyone.
No 1 has started hugging that's great. and she sends me music all the time, guess she is like me "Music speaks when I can't", that's my saying Want to know where I am listen to the music I'm playing it will tell you.
No 2 say's she feels bubble wrapped when she's afraid, hurt etc she knows the hugs are there safe and sheltered. Even if she is my wayward teen love em all to bits.
No 3 Chimes "Love you" everyday heading off to bed and out to school.
No 4 Hugs and cuddles and lots of wee prayers.
Is this how a relationship with a mum is supposed to be ??

I don't have that.
Is that what I want ??

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Lloyd said...

Thank you for sharing. The only thing that filled the void in my life was an intimate relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. I really enjoyed reading your blog. God bless, Lloyd